Speaking Engagements

As a completed Jew through faith in her Messiah, Terrye Goldblum Seedman has devoted the past twenty-nine years to intense scriptural study, prayer, and intimacy with her Savior. During these years, Terrye has found that many vital aspects of the Scriptures, including the holy Hebraic root have been obscured and hidden under the doctrines and traditions of religion. In wholehearted devotion and utmost love for Yahveh the Almighty and His immutable truths, she has dedicated her life to teach others to repent, love, obey, and serve Him with all their heart, mind, soul, and strength.

By the power of His Spirit, Terrye has successfully led many onto the uncompromised path of holiness and true spiritual revival. Her gifts and calling as an anointed evangelist, prophetic speaker, teacher, and author are a certain blessing for those who long to mature into all the Savior has redeemed them to be. Terrye’s insightful and Spirit led teachings on the Holy Feasts, as outlined in Leviticus 23, bring great “light of revelation” of the whole redemptive plan of the Scriptures.

As ordained ministers, Terrye and Ron are avaiable for varied speaking engagements. For more information contact them via the “Contact Us” page.