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Holy to Yahveh

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The Mighty One, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, is wooing both Jews and Gentiles to be reconciled to Him and one another as “one new man” (Eph 2:15). He desires a righteous remnant who will know and worship Him in “spirit and in truth.” Holy to YAHveh is written specifically for those who wholeheartedly seek the Most High and His immutable truths.

His Spirit will take the reader on a pilgrimage onward and upward on the Highway of Holiness (Isaiah 35:8). Many vital scriptures have been hidden for centuries in obscurity under the doctrines and traditions of men and their historical religious systems. These truths, like a plumb line, will reveal that which is holy to YAHveh versus man-made, profane, and pagan rooted.

The topic of the divine memorial-names of YAHveh, the Father, and YAHshua Messiah, the Son, along with the Biblically pure Hebraic roots of our faith will be golden threads woven through the fabric of this book. This creative tapestry will present a vivid portrait of the Holy One of Israel and the Redeemer of mankind and His eternal plan of salvation.

Holy to YAHveh is a work of the Almighty; Old and New Testament Scriptures are linked together and magnified as a light of revelation throughout this book. YAHshua, our Savior, is sanctifying and raising up a righteous remnant, a holy priesthood, true disciples who will faithfully obey and proclaim His uncompromised Word. It is a banquet of biblical truths, fulfilling to all who “hunger and thirst after righteousness”. Messiah is preparing His blood redeemed pure and spotless bride, to be with Him in His soon coming glorious eternal kingdom. Whoever is hungry and thirsty come and partake!

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Holy to Yahveh

YAHveh, the Almighty, is inviting all who hunger and thirst to come to His banqueting table. The spiritual banquet presented in Holy to YAHveh and its Companion Workbook are a valuable resource to bring the wholehearted seeker of truth into a deeper intimacy with YAHveh the Father and YAHshua the Son. The magnification of the holy Hebrew roots of Scripture and its vital importance will spiritually enrich individuals and groups who enter into this profound study.

YAHveh, the Most High, is separating a chosen people from the world, its religious systems, and everything which compromises His scriptural truths. YAHshua Messiah is calling out a “righteous remnant,” true disciples, to depart from the ranks of the lukewarm “religious masses.” Through His atoning blood, the Savior has redeemed Jew and Gentile to become reconciled to one another as “one new man,” a priesthood set apart and marked by His spirit as Holy to YAHveh.

Our Redeemer is calling out to us, “Come up higher!” Will you heed this awesome call to ascend into His glorious presence and worship the Father and Son in spirit and in truth?